ASP.NET various Architectures and design pattern

Implement Repository Pattern with ASP.NET Core Web API
This blog explains how to implement a Repository Pattern with ASP.NET Web API, AutoMapper, Entity Framework, and async operations.

Render ASP.NET MVC PartialView with Model
This article explains how you can render a partial view in the main view with model data.

Microservice Architecture Pattern for Architects
This blogpost explains about advantages, disadvantages, internal service communication, SOA vs MSA, Prerequisites, and other aspects of Microservice Architecture that are required to define architecture your application with Microservices.

The Paradigm Shift to Low-Code and No-Code Development in Software Engineering
In the realm of software engineering, one trend is steadily rising to prominence - the low-code and no-code development approach. The two are fundamentally shifting the software development paradigm, democratizing the sector, and speeding up the software production process.