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Configure IIS for WCF service with ssl and transport layer secuirty
This article will help you to configure IIS for WCF service with SSL and achieve WCF Transport security. It uses a WCF service, create a SSL certificate using IIS Server Certificates with WCf service hosted in IIS.

WCF Message Level Security by Example
This article will describe how to implement WCF message-level security. It will show you the required steps to create a WCF library, host it in IIS.

When to use which binding in WCF
WCF comes with the number of built-in bindings and this article describes the pros and cons of each of these bindings. It will help you to choose appropriate bindings depending on your requirements and create endpoints for communicating with clients.

How to Setup CORS Policies in ASP.NET Core Web API
This blog explains how to set up CORS policies using default policy, add policy, middleware, endpoint routing, and EnableCors attribute.