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WCF by example on netNamedPipebinding
This article will give you description about netNamedPipebinding, when to use netNamedPipebinding and step by step implementaion of WCF service using netNamedPipebinding

Multiple wcf services in one solution with multiple endpoints and hosting
This article tells you how to create multiple wcf services to serve different entities in one solution with different endpoint and bindings. This will also tells you how to host these services in IIS 7+ or in Windows Services

How to host wcf service in IIS 7.0 or 7.5
This article will give you brief description about required steps to host your wcf service in IIS and test it

WCF REST Service to get or post JSON data and retrieve JSON data with DataContract
In this article I will talk about creating WCF RESTful services for CRUD operations that uses JSON and DataContracts. CRUD operations are done by http verbs GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE.

How to enable wcf tracing and wcf message loging
This article describes how to use WCF tracing and message logging with various options.

Example for hosting WCF Service in Windows Service
This article demonstrates the required steps to host your wcf service in Windows Service and consume it in console application

Data member attributes and enum member attributes of wcf data contract
Using this article you will know what are the data member attributes and enum member attributes can be use for effective data contract design.

How to start with creating wcf services and test using WCFTestClient
This article will give you introduction to Windows communication foundation services and teach you how to create WCF service library with basic WCF service example. And this will also tell you how to test WCF services using WCFTestClient.

How to create WCF RESTful service
This article describes step by step creation of WCF RESTful services and its HTTP methods like GET, PUT, DELETE, and POST. In this article, I am going to create a WCF rest service API which returns XML data as WCF attributes

Configure IIS for WCF service with ssl and transport layer secuirty
This article will help you to configure IIS for WCF service with SSL and achieve WCF Transport security. It uses a WCF service, create a SSL certificate using IIS Server Certificates with WCf service hosted in IIS.

WCF Message Level Security by Example
This article will describe how to implement WCF message-level security. It will show you the required steps to create a WCF library, host it in IIS.

When to use which binding in WCF
WCF comes with the number of built-in bindings and this article describes the pros and cons of each of these bindings. It will help you to choose appropriate bindings depending on your requirements and create endpoints for communicating with clients.

Creating dynamic proxy using WCF ChannelFactory
This article helps you to generate dynamic wcf service proxy using ChannelFactory. This will also describes what is ChannelFactory, difference between ChannelFactory and Proxy, and when to use proxy or ChannelFactory.

WCF Service Contract Attributes
This article will give you brief description about wcf service contract attributes like namespace, callbackcontract, protectionlevel, configuration name, session mode. This will help you to design wcf service contract in more efficient way.

WCF Message Exchange Patterns and Implementation of Duplex Service
Message exchange patterns are a standard design that tells how the communication between WCF service and client should happen, different channels to exchange messages.

WCF Operation Contract Attributes
This article will give you a brief description of WCF operation contract attributes. This will help you to design a WCF operation contract in a more effective way.

Handling WCF Service Exceptions using Fault Contracts and Data Contracts
In this article we will see how we can use the WCF fault contracts to handle exceptions. This tutorial will help you to create WCF service step by step with fault contracts.

WCF Data Contract Attributes
This article will give you the details of WCF data contract attributes and the difference between DataContractSerilizer and XMLSerilizer.

Hosting WCF service with nettcpbinding or netnamedpipebinding in IIS
This article describes the necessary actions to host your WCF services with netTcpBinding or netNamedPipeBindings in IIS and the required settings.

Shared Service Contracts and Data Contracts in WCF
This article describes how to create WCF ServiceContracts and DataContracts that can be shared to multiple assemblies or WCF services and clients.

How Per Call Service Instance Works in WCF
This article helps you to understand how per-call WCF service works and how its instances are created.

What is PerSession Behavior of WCF Service
This article explains what is PerSession Behavior, the configuration, and implementation of PerSession and it's difference with Persession