Blogs and Tutorials for SQL Server

Access SQL server database from .NET Core Console Application
This blogpost explains how to connect .NET Core Console application to SQL server database and read table data. You will not be using the Entity framework for this. You will inject the dependency of IConfiguration to read appsettings

Convert Datatable to CSV OR List OR JSON string using .NET Core
Using this tutorial you will create a DataTable and convert it's data to CSV file or List object or JSON string.

Reading appsettings.json in .Net Core Class Library Using Dependency Injection
This blog post explains in .net core class library application how to read configuration settings from the web application appsettings.json file by injecting dependency of IConfiguration interface

Crystal Report with SQL Stored Procedure Parameter and Visual Studio
This article will describes you about how to create Crystal Report using Stored Procedure Parameters and Visual Studio.

Bulk upload into SQL Server using SQLBulkCopy and C#
In this article I am going to write about SQLBulkCopy and its major properties and methods. This article will give you the code for high performance transfer of rows from XML file to SQL server with SQLBulkCopy and C#

Getting Started with ASP.NET Core Web API and Entity Framework
Get started with ASP.NET Core Web API and Entity Framework by building a basic API to get data from SQL Server. And features like CORS Policy, and Logging.

User Defined Functions in SQL Server
This article talks about user defined functions (UDF) in SQL Server, its benefits, type of UDF and UDF parameters.

Types of SQL Server Joins With Examples
This article describes the types of SQL server joins like Inner, Outer, Cross, Equi, Self Joins with examples. You can retrieve data from more than one table together as a part of a single result set.

Cross Apply And Outer Apply With Examples
The Apply operator joins two table valued expression, the table on right is evaluated every time for each row of the table on the left which is actually a table-valued function.

How to Pivot Data in SQL Server
A database user may always need to view data in user-defined format. These reports might involve summarizing the data on the basis of various criteria. PIVOT is useful in doing so.

Generate Sequence Numbers in SQL Select Query
This article explains how you can generate sequence numbers in SQL select query. It uses sql functions Row_Number, Rank and Dense_rank

Exception Handling Using Try Catch block in SQL Server
This article explained how you can use Try Catch block to handle exceptions in SQL Server. It describes about system defined functions which can help you to handle errors.

SQL Server Common Table Expression with Examples
This article describes about how you can use SQL Server CTE. It gives you detail syntax, examples, benefits and when to use CTE.

SQL Server Stored Procedure VS User Defined Functions
This blogpost explains stored procedures, functions, and features. It also describes the difference between stored proc and user defined functions.

SQL Server Temporary Table Vs Table Variable
This article describes the uses of SQL server Temporary Table and Temp Variable. It also describes the difference between the Temp table and Temp Variable.

SQL Server Constraints with Example.
This article describes about SQL server constraits like Primary key, not null, Unique, Check, Default and foreign key with examples. It also gives syntax to add or drop constraints from table.