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Azure Resource Manager Template Overview
Azure resource manager is the modern deployment service for Azure resources. It is an IaaS helping to automate Azure resource management.

Get Azure Subscription, Tenant, Client ID, Client secret
To access Azure API, ARM, setting up an application or while using Fluent SDK you will need Subscription Id, Tenant Id, Client Id, and client secret. This blog explains to how get these details using Azure Portal and Azure CLI.

Create Azure VM using C# Fluent SDK
This blog explains how to create an Azure Virtual Machine with a resource group, storage account, virtual network, network interface, etc. using C# Fluent SDK.

Create and Connect Azure Linux VM with SSH Key Pair
You can create a Linux VM in Azure with password or SSH keys. In this blog, we will see how to create a Linux VM using SSH key pair and connect from Azure CLI and Windows Powershell.

How to use ASP.NET Core MVC built-in Filters
ASP.NET Core MVC uses number of built-in filters like Authorization, Resource, Action, Exception, and Result filters. Filters help you to remove repetitive code by injecting them at certain stages of the request pipeline.

What is PerSession Behavior of WCF Service
This article explains what is PerSession Behavior in WCF Services, how to configure and implement PerSession behavior and understand the difference between PerCall and PerSession WCF services

How Per Call Service Instance Works in WCF
This article helps you to understand how per call WCF service works and how its instances get created. This article will also go through a tutorial for implementing and executing Per Call WCF Service.

How to use Areas in ASP.NET Core MVC
This blog explains how to create Area in ASP.NET Core MVC application, how to use the route for area, configure default area route, link controller action methods from different areas.

Create MongoDB Docker Image and Connect from .NET Core app
This blog creates a Docker MongoDB Image container, database, collection and connnect this container through .NET Core Console app to read table data.

Return different types of content from ASP.NET Core MVC Action Result
ASP.NET Core MVC action result returns different types of content it can be HTML, JSON, string, or empty content. We will explore ViewResult, PartialViewResult, JsonResult, ContentResult, EmptyResult.

ASP.NET Core MVC returning file using Fileresult
This blog explains how you can return files to client from ASP.NET Core application using fileresult actionresults like FileContentResult, FileStreamResult, VirtualFileResult, PhysicalFileResult.

How To Redirect ASP.NET MVC Core Request
There are often requests that need to be redirected temporarily or permanently from the current request to another request. ASP.NET MVC Core RedirectResult, RedirectToActionResult, RedirectToRouteResult, LocalRedirectResult can be used for redirection.

ASP.NET MVC Core Controller Action Method and Types of Action Result
This blog explains what is MVC Controller, Action Method, and different types of ActionResult like HTML returning, Content, Redirect, File, Status Code, Security related.

ASP.NET Core MVC Model Binding
This article explains what is model binding in ASP.NET Core MVC and how to use its different attributes like BindNever, BindRequired, FromHeader, FromQuery, FromRoute, FromForm, FromServices, FromBody, ModelBinder, and model binding to a list of complex objects.

Shared Service Contracts and Data Contracts in WCF
This article describes how to create WCF ServiceContracts and DataContracts that can be shared to multiple assemblies or WCF services and clients.

Hosting WCF service with nettcpbinding or netnamedpipebinding in IIS
This article describes you the necessary actions to host your WCF services with netTcpBinding or netNamedPipeBindings in IIS. IIS supports http or https proptocols by default however to use netTcpBindings or netNamedPipeBinding you need to manage some settings.

WCF Data Contract Attributes
This article will give you the details of WCF data contract attributes and the difference between DataContractSerilizer and XMLSerilizer.

Handling WCF Service Exceptions using Fault Contracts and Data Contracts
In this article we will see how we can use the WCF fault contracts to handle exceptions. This tutorial will help you to create WCF service step by step with fault contracts.

WCF Operation Contract Attributes
This article will give you a brief description of WCF operation contract attributes. This will help you to design a WCF operation contract in a more effective way.

WCF Message Exchange Patterns and Implementation of Duplex Service
Message exchange patterns are a standard design that tells how the communication between WCF service and client should happen, different channels to exchange messages.

WCF Service Contract Attributes
This article will give you brief description about wcf service contract attributes like namespace, callbackcontract, protectionlevel, configuration name, session mode. This will help you to design wcf service contract in more efficient way.

jQuery AJAX AutoComplete in ASP.NET MVC Core
This tutorial explains how to use the jQuery AJAX AutoComplete feature in your ASP.NET MVC Core application. For this, you will use Visual Studio 2019, NET5, EF Core, Web API controller, and AdventureWorks database of SQL Server.

Microservice Architecture Pattern for Architects
This blogpost explains about advantages, disadvantages, internal service communication, SOA vs MSA, Prerequisites, and other aspects of Microservice Architecture that are required to define architecture your application with Microservices.

Getting Started with ASP.NET MVC Core and .NET 5
In this article, we are going to create a simple ASP.NET MVC Core Web Application using Visual Studio 2019 and .Net 5. We will also add controller, action method, MVC view with Model binding.

Angular Nested Component with Input and Output decorator
This blog helps you to create a nested angular nested component and pass data between parent and child components. For passing data you will use Input() and Output() decorator.