Blogs and Tutorials for ASP.NET MVC

Testing ASP.NET Web API using Postman
This tutorial describes how to test GET, POST, PUT, Delete http methods created by ASP.NET Web API. You can test the API using Fiddler or SOAP UI or Postman. For this tutorial we will use Postman.

CRUD Operations using ASP.NET Web API Core
This tutorial gives you step by step implementation of creating CRUD operations using ASP.NET Web API Core.

ASP.NET Core Application and Kestrel Web Server Settings
This blog post will help you to understand what is Kestrel web Server, how it is related to ASP.NET Core applications, Why Kestrel, Comparison of Kestrel Web Server Vs IIS and https requests with kestrel server.

Using Fluent API in Entity Framework Core Code First
In this blogpost explains how to configure entities using Fluent API of Entity Framework Core or EF6 above versions for the Code First approach. This will give you details about how to configure business rules with Fluent API methods for PrimaryKey, Unique, Index, Required, Identity, etc.

How to Configure Entity Relationships using Fluent Api in Entity Framework Core
This blogpost explains how you can configure One-To-One, One-to-Many, Many-To-Many entity relationships using Fluent API in Entity Framework Core. Configuring these relationships between entities are important for the implementation of code first approach.

Entity Framework Core Database First Tutorial
This tutorial helps to create and update models from an existing database using Entity Framework Core. It explains about Scaffold-DbContext with its parameters like Connection, Provider, OutputDir, Force, Schemas, Tables, DataAnnotations.

Entity Framework Core Code First Migration Using Separate Assembly
This blogpost explains how to achieve Entity Framework code first migrations having Models, DBContext, and Model Snapshot files in assembly different than web or startup projects

EF Core Code First Migrations With DataAnnotations Attributes
In this blog post you will use DataAnnotations to configure pre-defined rules and constraints for tables which will be created through EF Core Code First.

Reading appsettings.json in .Net Core Class Library Using Dependency Injection
This blog post explains in .net core class library application how to read configuration settings from the web application appsettings.json file by injecting dependency of IConfiguration interface

Convert Datatable to CSV OR List OR JSON string using .NET Core
Using this tutorial you will create a DataTable and convert it's data to CSV file or List object or JSON string.

Access SQL server database from .NET Core Console Application
This blogpost explains how to connect .NET Core Console application to SQL server database and read table data. You will not be using the Entity framework for this. You will inject the dependency of IConfiguration to read appsettings

IIS settings to improve ASP.NET Website Performance
This article helps you to understand required IIS settings to improve ASP.NET Website Performance.

WebGrid Example In ASP.NET MVC
This blog shows how to use Webgrid in ASP.NET MVC. It displays model data in WebGrid in PartialView on selection change of Listbox value.

Populate MVC Listbox using jQuery getJSON and JSONResult
This article shows how you can populate MVC Listbox using jQuery and JSONResult. It uses static values and also shows with model values which can use database values.

Render ASP.NET MVC PartialView with Model
This article explains how you can render a partial view in the main view with model data.

How To Use Partial View in MVC with Example
This article explains how you can use a partial View in your MVC application. It describes different methods to render partail view in MVC with example.

jQuery Ajax Call With JSONResult in ASP.NET MVC
This article gives you details about how you can implement jQuery AJAX calls to ASP.NET MVC controller and display JSONResult on view.

How to read JSON file data using AngularJS HTTP Get method
In this blog I am going to show you how you can read JSON content from file and display in ASP.NET MVC view

Cascading DropDownList Example Using JSONResult in ASP.NET MVC
This article shows you how to add values of JSONResult to cascading DropDownList. For this I will be using jQuery.Ajax request which will call Controller action method which return JSON object.

How To Bind DropDownList in ASP.NET MVC
This article describes about how you can bind your mvc DropDownList in different ways.

How To Do Custom Validation Using ValidationAttribute of ASP.NET MVC
This article shows how you can use ValidationAttribute class for custom validation based on your requirement.

jQuery UI DatePicker Examples in MVC
jQuery UI DatePicker plugin allows you to select date easily. You can customize the format, language of date to be displayed, restrict the selection of dates, show buttons or navigation to navigate to different month or year.

How To Validate MVC Model Using DataAnnotation Attribute
This tutorial helps you to understand how you can use DataAnnotation attributes for validation of model data.

Explain ASP.Net MVC Routing With Example
This article describes how ASP.NET MVC routing works, Custom Routes, attribute routing, route constraints, Area Routing

ASP.NET MVC Application Request life cycle
This article describes about ASP.NET MVC request life cycle, it explains how request